Rose Hotel is fed up with “Running Behind” life in her new video

Rose Hotel’s self-released debut album I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes is due out May 31.

A few weeks after the beautiful “10K,” Rose Hotel unveils a brand new single from her upcoming debut album. Though it’s the album closer, “Running Behind” was the first song frontwoman Jordan Reynolds wrote for the 9-track record; a project that is all about transitioning through life and learning from the different phases we endure. The album was actually composed during a period of frustration, when the Atlanta-based singer-songwriter was feeling out of phase with her art and relationships. Encapsulating this state of mind and the feeling of constantly “running behind” life, this bedroom rock single will speak to anyone who has ever experienced the imposter syndrome. This anxiety-loaded new song also comes with a self-directed video that you can watch below.

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