Samantha Urbani returns with cathartic new bop “Made in Love”

In her first foray back into music since 2017, Samantha Urbani returns triumphantly with her latest single “Made in Love”, out via Dero Arcade.

Taking any period of time away from music is always a risky business, yet Samantha Urbani justifies her two-year absence to astonishing effect on “Made in Love”, her first release since the 2017 EP Policies of Power. “Made in Love” plays out as the most complete reflection of what Urbani has been grasping at since her days spent in the band Friends. She is always at her best when being utterly true to herself and feeding from her most honest feelings. And that’s exactly what “Made in Love” sounds like.

Brimming with energy, “Made in Love” is delightfully airy and spacious, building on the infectious funk and 90’s R&B vibes that have continuously permeated her sound throughout her career. “Made in Love” is the truest form of her music: it’s the crest of all of her influences perfectly collated and drawn up into a beautiful release which is one of her most plain and honest sounding tracks to date.

The track is reminiscent of a summer’s day spent walking around a crowded city, filled with unmarred joy. It’s utter soul food, proper music for your mind, body and soul. Produced by Nick Weiss, “Made in Love” is expectedly vibrant but delicately balanced as each element is so wonderfully implemented onto the next. It’s not overly complex, not superfluous or gratuitously grandiose, but it has the signature Samantha Urbani confidence and zeal that’s remarkably irresistible.

For a song that was – in part – borne from grief and profound loss after the death of her friend Sam Mehran, the feeling that prevails is one of healing, hope, and love.

Rachel Chandler

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