Samantha Urbani taps Molly Lewis in comeback single “More Than A Feeling”

Samantha Urbani‘s “More Than A Feeling” is out via Lucky Number.

Since Friends, which disbanded in the early 2010s, Samantha Urbani has only dropped one solo EP (Policies of Power, 2017). So when the cool indie girl returned back in 2019 with her cathartic bop “Made Of Love,” we got pretty excited. Unfortunately, nothing followed. However, Urbani is back today with another single, “More Than A Feeling,” which features Australia-born whistling musician Molly Lewis. And yeah, Lewis is dressed as the Statue of Liberty in the accompanying video, directed by Urbani herself. Is more music coming soon? Only if she feels like it. So what? Just watch the video and get the track via Bandcamp below in the meantime.