⚡ SASSY 009’s experimentations on “Are You Leaving” are pure delight

Oslo-based electronica-pop trio SASSY 009 share their excellent sophomore single “Are You Leaving”.

We don’t know much about Teodora, Sunniva, and Johanna, the three Norwegian girls hidden behind the moniker SASSY 009. Some weeks ago, they already impressed us with the hybrid debut single “Pretty Baby” and we can already say they have successfully passed the test of the second release. We can’t guess the artists’ age but we do know they started to make music together at school and this is something that you can hear in their vocals: despite the fact that they’re totally original, the harmonies are also highly curated and controlled, at least on this studio version that goes with an Andreas Bjørseth-directed video. In the same way that interjections can be used to create a catchy chorus, the voices are modulated and actively participate in the melody line of “Are You Leaving”, like any other instruments. The final rendition is fresh, perky and spring-like.

The best element of the track though could be the flute. It’s not every day in 2017 that this instrument is highlighted in pop music but let’s give credit where credit is due. Of course, it’s not new to bring back old-fashioned or forsaken instruments into modern productions. Since the release of The Beatles‘ masterpiece “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, it’s a common thing but it’s not happening that often in pop music. The effect is still as surprising and it’s a pure delight to re-discover old sounds in modern instrumentations. When all the compressions, filters, effects and synthesizers are grandly participating to a sort of uniformisation of internet-pop music, SASSY 009‘s experimentations are more than welcome.

“Are You Leaving” and the previously released single “Pretty Baby” are (normally) set to appear on SASSY 009‘s upcoming ep “Do You Mind”, via Luft Recordings / Hard up.

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