Shura – What’s It Gonna Be?

Shura is another exciting young popster, one of our favorite ones actually, and she is bouncing her way excitedly onto the scene. “What’s It Gonna Be” is her latest release and it gained the plaudits of the one and only Annie Mac as she made it her new “Hottest Record” on her BBC1 radio show. Watch her new video here!

Shura has a very light-hearted, poppy style topped with a dash of lush vocals and has released a string of popular songs including “White Light” (that we ranked as our 3rd best song of 2015!) and “2Shy”. All her tracks, including “What’s It Gonna Be?” have a kind of innocence and delicateness to them. Her music is melodic and her voice is calming. “What’s It Gonna Be?” is perhaps the most uptempo of her songs and you’ll find yourself hopping, bouncing and skipping around to it.

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The 80s theme that runs throughout Shura‘s “What’s It Gonna Be?” and its video is an affectionate take on high school and young love.

“It’s about fancying someone and maybe having a kind of connection and then realizing that it’s probably not going to happen” Despite the first love, heart-crushing theme it is a fast paced, old school pop song that we are loving. The Chloe Wallace-directed video starring her twin brother Nick and they are both looking for love at high-school! It is clearly a blink to the LGBT community by revisiting the classical teenagers’ crushes and love stories. Put your sunglasses on, find a patch of grass and enjoy!

Shura’s debut album “Nothing’s Real” is due out on July 8th via Polydor. Pre-order the album on iTunes.

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