SIGNE DØ unveils debut EP and hypnotizing highlight “Disappear”

“Disappear” is taken from SIGNE DØ‘s debut EP, Ways of Escaping, out now.

An up and coming artist hailing from Norway, SIGNE DØ has just unveiled her debut EP, Ways of Escaping; a dichotomous and hybrid project that confronts comforting acoustic and pop melodies with dreamlike experimentation and eerie electronic. Rich in contrasts, these seven tracks are the result of “a mature reflection on how being a young adult is impacted by contradictions, as you try to navigate between the urge for independence, all while clinging on to the safe and familiar.” An unsettling track – in the best way possible -, the swirling, melancholy “Disappear” is unarguably one of the highlights of the EP. “[It] depicts a feeling of being in-between places and simply letting things happen to you, without having the time to take in your surroundings,” explained the artist. Listen and support below.