SIGNE DØ finds chaos in the unknown on “Frail”

SIGNE DØ‘s sophomore single, “Frail,” is taken from her upcoming Ways Of Escaping EP, out in May.

Living in between Oslo and Amsterdam, SIGNE DØ is a classically trained musician who has found her path into electro pop. Following in the footsteps of Susanne Sundfør, the Norwegian artist draws from the dreamy, the gloomy and the noisy to share personal stories that are both emotional and powerful. After her very ethereal debut single “Evaporate,” she has now unveiled the pumping “Frail”, a track which evokes the vulnerabilities and chaos you face when you step out of your comfort zone. “The song was written at a time when I forgot what I had,” she stated. “It does not conclude, but reminds you that when leaving what you love, you also leave a part of yourself behind.”

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