Silk Cinema embrace the beauty of flaws in “How To Find Perfection”

Silk Cinema‘s self-released new single, “How To Find Perfection,” is out.

London based duo Silk Cinema, comprised of Kristy Wild on vocals and Raphael Aletti on production, have released a feathery neo-soul pop single, “How To Find Perfection”. In a world where filters and social media have become the new norm, where people try to stage their own life and embellish and fix their online presentation of self, the elegant and groovy track comes with an important message.

“I think I had to write this song to be okay with never being able to find perfection,” they explain. “As humans we learn a lot as we go on our journey of life. ‘How To Find Perfection’ is really about the stage I am at in my life now. I’ve learned to care less. I’m not perfect nor will I ever be, and it feels so good to be okay with it!”. Fairly described as Sade in space, the duo will also please the fans of Jessie Ware with this one.