London duo Silk Cinema share comforting new track “Upside Down”

Silk Cinema‘s new track, “Upside Down,” is out today.

London-based duo Silk Cinema, comprised of Kristy X (vocals) and Raph A (instruments/production), returns today with a comforting and silky smooth new track that is more than welcome considering the indescribable state of the world. On “Upside Down”, the pair channel artists such as Jessie Ware and Sade (they’re actually often described as ‘Sade in space’). “Think we’ve all been feeling a bit upside down lately,” they stated about the origins of the track. “The world is changing and taking a minute to breathe from this fast paced world we live in, might not be a bad thing! ‘Upside down’ was written in hope to bring a bit of joy during these hard times.”