Sirens of Lesbos prepare us for summer with smooth single “How Many Miles”

Swiss quintet Sirens of Lesbos release funk-inflected new single “How Many Miles”.

Multi-cultural swiss outfit Sirens of Lesbos aren’t just a cool name. Boasting talents as singers, instrumentalists and lyricists, the group can work on its own, with a total creative freedom.

The inspiration for their amusing name actually came from their initial ambition to make an Ibiza hit song, an ambition which they achieved with hit single “Long Days, Hot Nights”; the name was used to give the band a level of anonymity. However, after playing a disappointing gig in Greece, they reassessed the direction of the group and rethought what Sirens of Lesbos are all about.

The answer? Well, Sirens of Lesbos are about clashing cultures and sounds and varying genres that reflect their melting pot of backgrounds. Their power as a group lies in not being one thing, but being many.

“How Many Miles” is no exception to Sirens of Lesbos’s reworked sound. Drawing from funk, disco and smooth jazz, as well as a subtle hint of R&B, the band once again show their ability to craft lush sound patchworks.

Despite playing to numerous genres, it’s not a busy track. With prominent keys and a funky bassline, it’s actually relaxed and mellow in its presentation. There’s something inherently summery in the makeup of the track; it’s easy to picture oneself lying poolside, cocktail in hand with the funky sounds of “How Many Miles” playing softly in the background. It has a kind of nostalgia that’s common for the yacht rock genre. It exists in a kind of limbo, a space akin to purgatory in the sense of its reliance upon past and present.

This throwback feeling is also palpable in the lyrics, as some of them have been directly lifted from The Fugees‘s “How Many Mics”. A cohesive nod to what has passed and a futuristic infused gaze into what’s to come.

Rachel Chandler