So Sensitive share cheerful synth-pop track “Caught in the Dark”

“Caught In The Dark” is taken from So Sensitive‘s debut album, Bedroom Drama, due out August 2 via Soft Boy Songs.

In case you did not know it yet, Kira Clark and Keith McGraw of Muscle and Marrow founded a new band, So Sensitive, and have an album on the way. Born in reaction to the 2016 US election, Bedroom Drama is in large part a reaction to the masculine, mostly straight world of heavy music. So far, we’ve heard two singles, “What’s A Girl To Do?” and “My Heart is Open“.

Despite being fueled by frustration and anger, the record also features some happy songs, just like their brand new single “Caught In The Dark”. The cheerful synth-pop song is definitely infectious and was inspired by American boy band N’Sync. In their own words:

‘Caught in the Dark’ is the happiest song we’ve ever written. I felt as though I was emerging out of a long bout of unhappiness. Writing this record felt so much better to me than what we were doing before. I remember feeling light and inspired and hopeful and things felt possible again. It’s also about the intensity of being alive and welcoming that intensity… (Don’t wanna be in the world easily/I want to feel it in me/in this bag embodied I’m hungry…I was so tired of feeling vulnerable but that’s life/aren’t I alive?”). The production on this song is inspired by and an ode to NSYNC. We listened to some of their old hits countless times, trying to decipher what makes them so impossibly catchy. We didn’t succeed but this song is our attempt.

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  1. Polly McGraw

    July 30, 2019 at 3:55 am

    Love this, you two!!

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