Starover Blue want to go backwards with dreamy cut “Chameleon”

Starover Blue‘s new track “Chameleon” is out tomorrow.

Starover Blue is an experimental dream-pop act which was founded in 2007, after Kendall and Dirk Sallay-Milotz met in the music department of San Jose State. Now relocated to Portland, the band caught our attention one year ago with their haunting single “Anemone“. They are now readying the release of their sophomore album and we’re so happy to premiere today their new single “Chameleon”.

Driven by the ambient-esque tones of a polyphonic synthesizer (Juno 106), “Chameleon” is all about nostalgia. Sounding pristine and crystalline, Kendall‘s falsetto offers a striking contrast with the bittersweet lyrics and the metaphor of a chameleon losing its colours. The sophisticated vocal layers also help to nourish a chimerical atmosphere; evoking a state of mind where she sounds drowned in memories, waiting for a new beginning. Listen below.

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