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Gourmet Jamaica Instagram

Cape Town’s artist Gourmet brings us to Jamaica with his chill new single

South African multi-talented artist Gourmet shares new single “Jamaica” via independent label 1991. Cape Town’s multi-instrumentalist producer, singer, and songwriter


⚡ Gourmet shares fun weird electronic track “Delicious”

We have been following the career of the weird artist Gourmet since the release of the exciting debut EP “Cashmere”

Gourmet – Floods


He was last week’s Newcomer.Gourmet shared his third single “Floods” taken from his upcoming debut album “Cashmere” out at the end of the month.

Gourmet (Updated)

Spaghetti boy, spaghetti boy, spaghetti boy… if I say that three times like for Beetlejuice , would that make the self-proclaimed Spaghetti boy appear ? Gourmet is in fact a mysterious emerging pop-rock artist based in Cape Town. Get ready to be hypnotized by this week’s Newcomer and his enlightened pop music.