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[PREMIERE]: Fhin – But Now A Warm Feel Is Running (Crvvcks Remix)


It is actually not a big surprise that we are big fans of Fhin. We were pretty excited with the release of his track “Eh” taken from his upcoming 6-track EP “A Crack In The Eyes” that is due to be released on May 26. With the release of “But Now A Warm Feel Is Running”, Fhin is taking by storm the whole French electronic scene thanks to his special mix of house music with R&B, hip-hop and nu-soul. His music is completely captivating and it is a true honor to premiere the remix by CRVVCKS (to pronounce Crooks), a Leeds-based producer. From French touch to UK garage, there is only one step.

Mohave share hypnotizing debut “Mirror Mirror”

French collective L’Ordre recently highlighted a new band called Mohave via its Soundcloud profile. The enigmatic duo totally caught our attention with an atmospheric and low-tempo track: “Mirror Mirror”. Indeed, the song conveys a strong imagery without yet any lyrics. Moreover, it goes with an amazing video, that perfectly feeds the mysterious universe of the duo.

Parisian future beats producer Fhin shares “Eh”


With his “liquid, flips & love”, Parisian producer Fhin is one of the best representants of the French Touch version 2016. Please forget the loops of Daft Punk, St Germain or Alan Braxe and Fred Falke! The artist, who is an autodidact, plays several instruments and also sings on his own productions; a rare occurrence in the beats industry. His sonic universe easily switches from pop music to trip-hop but always with a touch of future beats, this new electronic trend that consists in mixing elements from house music, hip-hop, nu-soul and RNB. Fhin is actively preparing the release of his 6-track EP “A Crack In The Eyes”, that will be available on May 26. He just unveiled a third single called “Eh” and once again, the magic happens.

BVRGER – The Cool Kids


Some months after the discrete but promising and creative “Stay”, which ingeniously mixes alt-R&B and futuristic beats, Italian producer BVRGER is back with a new release on NDYD Records. “The Cool Kid” is a straight-to-the-dancefloor track despite that it deals with an unrequited love story. The song features low-key and sensual vocals, tropical drums and a certain Future Beats’ vibe the artist seems to have the secret of.