[PREMIERE]: Fhin – But Now A Warm Feel Is Running (Crvvcks Remix)


It is actually not a big surprise that we are big fans of Fhin. We were pretty excited with the release of his track “Eh” taken from his upcoming 6-track EP “A Crack In The Eyes” that is due to be released on May 26. With the release of “But Now A Warm Feel Is Running”, Fhin is taking by storm the whole French electronic scene thanks to his special mix of house music with R&B, hip-hop and nu-soul. His music is completely captivating and it is a true honor to premiere the remix by CRVVCKS (to pronounce Crooks), a Leeds-based producer. From French touch to UK garage, there is only one step.

CRVVCKS adds his own touch to the original very sensual R&B track by Fhin.

Without losing the main vibe, he is taking obviously the sensuality to the clubs where you’ll find yourself dancing very close with the crowd. The transformation is complete and Fhin‘s voice has never been this groovy. About collaborating with the French producer and doing a remix for his track, CRVVCKS told us over an email:

I was reached out by Fhin‘s management to do a remix for them. I really loved the track and was more than happy to make a rendition. The original is pretty slow and chilled so I wanted to still keep that level. I also wanted to give the remix a summery vibe with the additional elements of guitar. I started the remix by writing the chords. Once I’ve worked out the key the vocals are in, I work out a chord progression and then added some melody. After that I then work on the drums

You can listen to CRVVCKS‘ track “Leaves” below and follow him on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter. You can do the same for Fhin here on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.

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