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Club Intl Crush video

Club Intl channel their upstairs neighbours on “Crush”

Club Intl‘s debut track, “Crush”, is out on Italians Do It Better. When a nightclub was built on top of

Follin – Roxy

Follin Roxy

When brother and sister Madeline and Richie James Follin (Madeline of Cults and Richie of Guards/Willowz) decide to finally record together and to let their respective bands on the side for some time, they become Follin. This idea, the siblings have it for a long time as they were already recording material together when they were children. Nevertheless, their mutual agenda did not enable them to do it. Finally, in the summer of 2015, their schedules aligned and they were able to make it happen: “Roxy” is their first release, via Father/Daughter Records.