Club Intl channel their upstairs neighbours on “Crush”

Club Intl‘s debut track, “Crush”, is out on Italians Do It Better.

When a nightclub was built on top of John Eatherly’s East Village studio, he knew it would be inevitable that the vibes would find their through the floorboards and into his own music. Alongside collaborator Maxwell Kamins, the two have channelled that energy into Club Intl, and their new Johnny Jewel produced track “Crush” is every bit as lush, synth-laden, and slyly nocturnal as you’d expect from a tune forged in a nightclub basement. “Crush” also features CultsMadeline Follin on vocals.

Right from the jump, “Crush” sets out to make a sonic statement. The howling synths and steadily pulsing bass feel every bit as much like a force of nature as they do instruments, while still staying restrained enough to keep from being overwhelming. There’s space to breathe, with contrastingly subtle verses that leave John’s airy vocals to put listeners under a short-lived spell before hitting them with another mainlined shot of explosive sounds. By the time “Crush” is all said and done, you might find yourself ever so slightly out of breath – reeling in the best way from the speedy ups and psychedelic downs, just like the end of a night spent at the club upstairs.

A great track with a great origin story, “Crush” is the perfect night out captured conveniently in your speakers. Leave the club outfit in the closet and let the party come to you by hitting play.

Jonathan Vilardi