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Mitski – Puberty 2 [Dead Oceans]

Puberty is not the best period a girl has to go through. Menstruations, acne, embarrassing body changes… By choosing the title “Puberty 2”, Mitski is probably explaining that, once again, she’s living a difficult period of transition. And it’s not easy being a teenager, especially on the social aspect. However, puberty is also a path that leads to maturity. On her fourth album out today via Dead Oceans, Mitski Miyawaki grows up, experiments, and brings new perspectives to the raw emotions that were present in her previous LP “Bury Me at Makeout Creek.” In this new album, she has the chance to relive this transition; she learned what was good and goes even deeper on this new album.

Watch Mitski’s bloody video for “Happy”

Each song deserve a good video! This is now the case for Mitski‘s latest single “Happy.” The amazing track has now a Maegan Houang-directed video that is both beautiful and macabre. If you don’t like blood, you shouldn’t watch, for the others, get ready to be surprised!

Mitski’s “Happy”: One of her best songs to date!

Mitski Puberty 2 Your Best American Girl Happy cover

Can you imagine that? Mitski Miyawaki is happy! Yes, she is going to release her fourth album “Puberty 2” via Dead Oceans on June 17. In order to share her joy, she released the opening track off the LP. “Happy”, which is the follow-up to the first single “Your Best American Girl“, is simply amazing! But does it make Mitski happy? Not really! She just answered us “Happiness f**ks you!”

Mitski – Your Best American Girl (video)

Mitski finally released a video for “Your Best American Girl“, the massive lead single of “Puberty 2“, her upcoming album due to be released via Dead Oceans on June 17. It was directed by the famous filmmaker Zia Anger, who already worked with alternative artists such as Angel Olsen, Julianna Barwick, and Jenny Hval. The video relates a love triangle which unfortunately turns not to be in favour of the artist.

Mitski – Your Best American Girl

Mitski Your Best American Girl

We love Mitski here at HighClouds. She notably seduced her with her amazing “Townie” or with “Fireproof”, a surprising cover of One Direction. In 2016, Mitski will release a new album, the follow-up to 2014’s “Bury Me At Makeout Creek”. Indeed, “Puberty 2” will be out on June 17 via Dead Oceans. And you can already listen to the excellent single “Your Best American Girl”.