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New Order – Singularity (Video)

For those youngsters who don’t know that New Order are a 80’s band, they have now more proofs. They shared a new video for their track “Singularity” taken from their last album “Music Complete” out last year via Mute

New Order – Tutti Frutti

American musician Louis Armstrong said once “Musicians don’t retire : they stop when there is no more music in them”. With examples such as The Pet Shop Boys who just released a new single and are about to release a new album, or late David Bowie who released his latest album “Blackstar” a few days before his death, make us think that Louis Armstrong was more than right. New Order are another great example of this statement since they’ve released a new album last September called “Music Complete” and have now shared their impressive and beautiful video for “Tutti Frutti” proving once again that there is not such thing as a retired musician