New Order – Tutti Frutti

American musician Louis Armstrong said once “Musicians don’t retire : they stop when there is no more music in them”. With examples such as The Pet Shop Boys who just released a new single and are about to release a new album, or late David Bowie who released his latest album “Blackstar” a few days before his death, make us think that Louis Armstrong was more than right. New Order are another great example of this statement since they’ve released a new album last September called “Music Complete” and have now shared their impressive and beautiful video for “Tutti Frutti” proving once again that there is not such thing as a retired musician

Directed by Tom Haines, you can follow in this video an old man going slightly crazy. The video is directed with so many colours and lights, the great beauty hidden in craziness. This is one of two songs where La Roux AKA Elly Jackson does some back-up singing.

Matias Calderon

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