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UTO by Valentin Giacobetti

French duo UTO share eerie and tinkling new single “Synthesise”

UTO‘s new EP The Night’s Due is out March 8 on Paris-based label Pain Surprises. The two members of UTO,

HighClouds mixtape Pastel Bouquet


It’s February 21, time for a soothing new mixtape. Be ready for some chillwave, indie pop and electropop chill bops.

UTO That Itch video

Watch UTO’s stormy video for “That Itch”

French trip-hop, dark pop duo UTO have shared an intense video for “That Itch”. If you’re a storm chaser, you

UTO The Beast

Listen to UTO’s animal-pop single “The Beast” and its brand new MYD’s remix

New signees to Pain Surprises Records, French duo UTO shared earlier this year a twisted and animal single: ‘The Beast’.