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Cross Record – Lemon


Our favourite Texas-based husband-and-wife duo Cross Record came out with one of the best albums we’ve heard since 2016 started. “Wabi-Sabi” is minimalist post-rock, an eerie record that manages to pack a punch in a tiny sonic space. New single “Lemon” is no exception.

Cross Record – Basket


As you might know already, everybody’s favourite owners of a Texan ranch Cross Record are about to release their sophomore album, which bears the catchy and deep title of “Wabi-Sabi”. Three songs have been released as singles so far: “High Rise“, which we love, “Steady Waves“, which we love, and “Basket“, which we LOVE.

Cross Record – Basket

Cross Record are about to release their upcoming album “Wabi-Sabi” in the end of January. After two great tracks such as “Steady Waves” and “High Rise”, the duo shared the third single which sounds like a peaceful ritual.

Cross Record – High Rise


I watch the sun… I watch the sun rise”. Cross Record, the couple from Chicago and now based in Texas, just released their second single “High Rise” taken from the new album “Wabi-Sabi”.

Cross Record – Steady Waves


Cross Record is an indie duo from Chicago now based in Texas. They qualify their music as “ambient jungle drone doom pop” and they just shared a brand new song called “Steady Waves”.