Tanners shares new single “10,000 Dominos (My Best Friend’s Breakup Song)”

Tanners‘s “10,000 Dominos (My Best Friend’s Breakup Song)” is out now.

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Tanners has shared her second self-produced and mixed track, co-written with Grace Nathans. A break up song with scintillating synth arrangements, “10,000 Dominos” was inspired by her best friend’s break up letter to an ex. “While writing the song from my bff’s perspective, I started seeing parallels between my own relationships in my early 20’s,” she stated. “Like her, I too made the choice to water-down my feelings so I didn’t come off as ‘needy’ or ‘clingy’ to whoever I was with at the time (*cough cough* IYKYK). It’s like we both followed one strict, unspoken rule: don’t rock the boat or give them the slightest reason to think about dumping you. At all times, it feels like you’re one strike away from game over.”

EDIT: you can now watch the accompanying visuals below.