TDJ debuts new era with “Addictive/Predictive”

TDJ‘s new track “Addictive/Predictive” is out now.

Montreal-based producer Geneviève Ryan Martel opens a new chapter as TDJ with “Addictive/Predictive,” which she describes as “one of the most complex musical piece I’ve worked on.” Like some of her previous bangers, the track mixes trance, dream house and eurodance to form something simultaneously danceable and highly emotional.

“There’s just a tangible feeling that surfaced the moment I exported the first demo, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was,” she added. “It appeared to me more clearly when Kev [Kevin Elamrani-Lince] and I shot the video. It was at night in Paris during my last trip in the fall. There’s something about moving around this city in a limousine during the late hours that made so much sense at that specific time. I felt like myself. It’s funny, when we were shooting, people in the streets were laughing, and making jokes about me and how I was dressed. TDJ wouldn’t care about these types of things. But the real me does. I’m the incarnation of sensibility. Despite the sparkling skirt, all I really see when I look at this video is me, alone. I felt strong emotions last time I watched it. Like a captured intimate loneliness, incapable of hiding. But at the same time, I look unashamedly prideful. I truly like who I see in this video, especially as I realize it’s me.”