Tessa Dixson is stuck in the torments of love in “Beautiful Pain”

Tessa Dixson‘s “Beautiful Pain” is out now on [PIAS].

Brussels-based moody pop songstress Tessa Dixson is back to inlay her soulful vocal grit into voluptuous new soundscapes, one long year after her intriguing debut song and video for “Prayer“. On her new offering, the sultry and tense “Beautiful Pain”, the artist who grew up between California, UK and Belgium channels Lana Del Rey‘s tormented pop, trying to overcome her romantic woes while dealing with the so complex feeling captured by Robyn‘s Stockholm syndrome adage « It hurts so good ».

In the accompanying video, the singer-songwriter bares a bit more from her fascinating and contradictory artistry. Stuck in a thick liquid, caught in the trap of her feelings, she sings “How long can I stay here/Mind hazy, so unclear” while she is slowly turning into a golden sculpture. With her heart locked in chains, she is unable to make a choice, suffocating like a victim of Medusa, and sealing the union between beauty and pain for eternity.

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