Immerse yourself into untitled (halo)’s stellar debut EP, towncryer

untitled (halo)‘s debut EP, towncryer, is out now via halocorp.

Los Angeles trio untitled (halo) have just dropped their astounding debut EP, towncryer. Throughout this release, which sounds both conscious and suspended in time, they masterfully capture the raw emotions of young adulthood against a background of ethereal grunge, dreamy bedroom pop and numbed shoegaze. Known individually for their sonic, visual, literary, and film contributions, Jack Dione, Jay Are, and Ari Mamnoon are also real atmosphere builders. They conjure an eerie and detached world that feels both familiar and groundbreaking, whilst infusing the project with a haunting dystopian aura. Listen below.

Highlights include debut single “el prado freestyle” and closing track “oblique butterfly”.