Venus accepts that “Things Change” on dreamy and contemplative new lullaby

Venus‘ new track, “Things Change,” is out via Lunchbox Records.

As time marches on relentlessly, we mature, evolve, stumble, and gather wisdom, embarking on the tumultuous journey of self-discovery. Enter the enchanting newcomer, Venus, who has graced us with “Things Change,” a serene and contemplative lullaby, which urges listeners to embrace wholeheartedly the unstoppable tide of change. With her velvety vocals and ethereal groove, she envelops us in a dreamlike embrace. This marks her second self-produced and self-penned song, an offering certain to strike a chord with aficionados of Men I Trust and The Marías.

The song holds personal significance for Venus as change has been no stranger to her own life. As a member of the indie R&B band Ahmore, she seized the opportunity presented by the pandemic-induced isolation to delve into the realms of songwriting and recording. This transformative period has set her on a new artistic voyage.

Watch the Cassey Ver and Samarah Solorio-directed video below.