7Chariot gets rid of her anger in “Danger In Me”

Nashville-based newcomer 7Chariot shares via label 0E0E her second single “Danger In Me”, following her debut “Ricochet“.

The young newcomer drops ambitious pop songs, with a touch of sweetness. Neither her voice nor the production unveil the anger that is hidden in the lyrics. The track comes from a very personal place and was written to get rid of that feeling that we can all have and makes us human. About the track, 7chariot explained:

It’s about feeling vulnerable yet brazen and closed off; it’s about being a bit of a contradiction. It’s incredibly personal, and in many ways I believe I wrote it as a means of self-validation for the qualities I find most challenging in my own experience. I hope that anyone who listens can hear and feel the message in the lyrics, and realise we all have a little danger in us some times and that’s ok.

Matias Calderon

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