Jesse Kanda, AKA doon kanda, unveils new EP “Luna”

After the release of his debut “Heart” in 2017, UK-based producer doon kanda, the musical name of Jesse Kanda, unveils his sophomore EP “Luna” via Hyperdub.

In between his collaborations with Björk and Arca, the visual artist is quickly becoming one of the figures of the new experimental electronic scene. The release of the EP comes alongside the launch of his new website that you can visit here. He also promised that there are more visuals coming out soon in next few weeks. In a statement, he explained briefly:

If you’d like more context, this is my website: – it’s all the same world.

You can listen to “Molting” and “Crinoline” below and listen to the entire EP here. You can also check the tracklist below.

1- Bloodlet

2- Molting

3- Luna

4- Crinoline

5- Burning

6- Shed

7- Lamina

Matias Calderon

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