Aerside debuts with dystopian and abraded cut “Loveless”

"Loveless" is the first single taken from Aerside's debut EP, Eros.

French-born, London-based singer-songwriter and producer Gustave Robic has just released his debut track as Aerside. Heavily digitalized with some organic glows, the crepuscular track takes us to the crossroads between electronic, pop and R&B. With its abraded textures and vocals distorted until exhaustion, the very cinematic offering seems to belong to an apocalyptic world where artificial intelligence has totally overshadowed emotions. “It started like a sad pop song, late at night, stumbling over the chords and a melody,” Robic told HighClouds. “Slowly Loveless turned into something distorted and ruinous, it became a prayer-like calling to a warped reality, like a mantra for a tired machine.” Listen below.

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