Death pop act Agent blå share uplifting new track “Lay In My Arms”

“Lay In My Arms” is taken from Agent blå‘s new Atopos EP, out today on Kanine Records.

If Agent blå (pronounced ‘agent blue’) was a person, we would certainly find Makthaverskan and Westkust genes in their DNA. Like their fellas, the Gothenburg act, led by singer Emelie Alatalo, piece together angst and anxiety-fueled lyrics with cathartic post-punk instrumentations, giving birth to ‘death pop’ tracks that are both melancholic and exciting. Wild and jaded like the adolescence.

After “Frustrated” and “Atopos,” they have now shared the last track of their brand new EP, which is out today. “‘Lay In My Arms’ is about the gentle touch of a mother, and feeling like youʼve betrayed it,” explained Emelie. “Itʼs influenced by a lullaby my mother used to sing to me when I couldnʼt sleep. Growing up is scary and sometimes you just want your mother to take your hand and sing away all the stupid mistakes youʼve made.”