Aida takes you into an 80s-inspired journey in “Let’s Ride”

Canadian artist Aida is clearly inspired by 80s and funky vibes as proven by her previous single “Tu Me Rends Fou”. She takes a step further in her new single “Let’s Ride”

Neon lights, workout videos choreography, old video games visuals and 80s clothes run this video! While the video and the music are more fun than ever, the plot evolves around the artist playing the role of an assassin, inspired by the 80s crime TV shows. The track, produced by Fresco Klüb, is as funky as you can get and was inspired by her mom, as Aida explained to The Fader:

She was born in ’75, so she grew up in this era where funk music was very popular, and she kept on listening to a lot of funk after I was born. She used to have such a big smile on her face as she told the stories of how much fun she had gotten dancing those nights away with her friends. I pictured myself in her shoes, partying it up to funk music.

You can follow AIDA over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. You can also listen to the audio below.

BONUS: You can watch the video of her previous single “Tu Me Rends Fou” below.

Matias Calderon

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