Alyusha decides to focus on the positive in “Cracks”

Experimental R&B singer Alyusha uses her last single “Cracks” to mourn her late-father. With this track, she decides to see the light. It is taken from her EP “Little God” which is due out later this year.

“Cracks” comes from the idea of “kintsugi”, the Japanese art form than consists of mending broken ceramics with gold. Alyusha is half Japanese, half Romanian/Irish from her parents and decided to celebrate her heritage in her new single. The track was born after her father passing away, and she sings: “let the light in”, repeatedly, as a reminder. About it, Alyusha explained:

Over the last few months, I’ve spent hours and hours alone in the studio writing and producing. I wrote “Cracks” after losing my amazing Father last year, I had come back from a month in Tokyo and he died the day after I got back. He was my best friend and losing him was heart-breaking. I spent a lot of time reflecting on how lucky I was to have known him and to experience the reality of impermanence in a deep way. The production is kind of all over the place with this track, it can be pretty intense but then the choruses have moments of clarity and beauty. I suppose this really reflects everything I was going through at the time. Huge amounts of emotion then a sense of calm over and over again.

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