American Wolf share melancholic, synth-driven new track “Not Enough”

American Wolf‘s new single, “Not Enough”, is out now.

Chicago bedroom producers Sal Plant and Joe Sherman, also known as American Wolf, continue to delight us with their brand new single. Following up on the 80s-infused “Softcore Drama” and the woozy “Not My Life“, the pair’s new offering, “Not Enough”, is a synth-driven and dreamy track that cements their self-attributed status of sad boys. Melancholic and romantic, it indeed deals with low self-esteem and this feeling of being dragged down by your own thoughts and perception.

Remaining quite mysterious and sometimes even contradictory, the band seems to ration out online information about its members or its future releases. After all, wolves are quite mysterious and elusive, aren’t they? In any case, we know that there’s an American Wolf‘s EP or full-length album on the way, so stay tuned…

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