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American Wolf Not Enough : artwork by VAPORHEEL

American Wolf share melancholic, synth-driven new track “Not Enough”

American Wolf‘s new single, “Not Enough”, is out now. Chicago bedroom producers Sal Plant and Joe Sherman, also known as

American Wolf Softcore Drama

“Softcore Drama” shows off American Wolf’s dreamy 80s flair

American Wolf drifts into dreams with a brand new shimmering, 80s-inspired single: “Softcore Drama”. Chicago bedroom producer Sal Plant is

American Wolf Not My Life

American Wolf shares woozy and elusive new track “Not My Life”

American Wolf‘s self-released new single “Not My Life” is out now. Following up on the immediately likable “Growing Pains,” Chicago’s

American Wolf Growing Pains

American Wolf ushers in the new year with bittersweet “Growing Pains”

“Growing Pains” is the latest in a string of singles from American Wolf‘s forthcoming self-released album, their first since 2014.