“Softcore Drama” shows off American Wolf’s dreamy 80s flair

American Wolf drifts into dreams with a brand new shimmering, 80s-inspired single: “Softcore Drama”.

Chicago bedroom producer Sal Plant is back with another dreamy chillwave tune as American Wolf. Originally a 5-piece, American Wolf became Plant’s solo project in 2015; he single-handedly wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced his 2019 singles “Growing Pains” and “Not My Life.”  In a turn of events, “Softcore Drama” was written in collaboration with drummer Joe Sherman, a member of the original American Wolf lineup.

The track was recorded exclusively on analog synthesizers and features a vintage 1980s Roland TR-505 drum machine, lending to its lush, layered, and shimmering sound. It takes multiple listens to pick apart the individual tones and melodies, creating a different listening experience every time the listener presses “play.”

The song begins nearly at full force, already amid a field of complex and layered synth harmonies. The drums kick in after a few seconds of lead-in, bringing a bit of a harsh edge to the sweet and soaring synth backdrop. The lyrics add depth and warmth to the floaty chillwave sound; Plant hits a high, Neon Indian-like register with plenty of reverb to convey his dreamy message:

The tune is inspired by the moments right before we fall asleep, where thoughts cease to make sense and we drift into sleep…where reality meets absurdity of our conscious and the subconscious. The song itself is about looking back into the past, seeing the white and fading pictures. You forget what really happened, and you have this memory that perhaps isn’t even what truly happened.

American Wolf plans to put out an EP sometime in the near future. Until then, enjoy “Softcore Drama” below.

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