Anna Of The North continue their rising with new single “Fire”

One more week to go! Norwegian duo Anna Of The North will release their debut album “Lovers” next Friday. With their new single “Fire,” we are getting even more excited!

Letting us stay a bit longer in this summer vibe, the duo uses tropical sounds to make us dance alongside the smooth vocals of Anna. Without ever sounding too familiar, they take the trendy sounds of the moment and make them their own. About the track, they explain:

t was the last track written for the record and we really wanted it to be something special. Listening back, I think you can sense that every bit of feeling we had left in us was poured into this one. We were completely spent at the end of the long journey of making the record, but that heightens the emotion of the performance; deepening the desperation of the story. “Fire” is about the destructive things we always do to each other at the end of relationships.

You can follow Anna Of The North on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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