Aria Hennessy shares “Missive 1” on the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration

Canadian alt-R&B star Aria Hennessy shares for the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration her highly-political new track “Missive 1” where she hits back on patriarchy.

After years of hard-working with many producers, the artist’s efforts to get the attention of big names of the industry is finally paying off. 2018 will be the year of her breakthrough as you can feel it with her brand new single “Missive 1”, an alt-R&B powerhouse banger. She wrote to us, about the meaning of the song in her own words:

This project is filled with songs that, for years, have represented what I️ thought I️ shouldn’t be. It took career failure, shedding a whole bunch of toxic relationships and hitting rock bottom to realize that hiding all the parts of myself that are messy and abrasive and strong only made me uninteresting. “Missive 1” is the part of me that is overly political and turns every family dinner or social gathering into a Discussion. A month after the election and 6 months into my move to the States, I️ was shocked and horrified at what was going on around me and felt a personal failure for not understanding the gravity of the inequality and division that is still plaguing our society. I️ was also unraveling the branches of my past, reflecting on my relationships and experiences that I️ had previously buried or covered in the blanket of giving people around me the benefit of the doubt.

“What I️ do know is the time to speak up, of own our truths, of ourselves, and to create change is now.”- Aria Hennessy

I️ was angry and confused and sad but knew that I was not alone, and my feelings were echoed by millions of women. I don’t claim to be an expert on feminism. I hope to keep learning and listening and starting conversations, and would be forever grateful if this song could be even a small drop of water in the wave of change that has been created by the brave women before me that are speaking up against exploitation, abuse of power and abusive behaviour. What I️ do know is the time to speak up, of own our truths, of ourselves, and to create change is now. This song helped me find my strength again and I hope it can do that for someone else too.

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Matias Calderon

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