Art School Girlfriend shares atmospheric track “Is It Light Where You Are”

“Is It Light Where You Are” is the title track from Art School Girlfriend‘s debut album, out September 10 on Fiction Records.

London-based producer, multi-instrumental musician and vocalist Polly Mackey aka Art School Girlfriend shares “Is It Light Where You Are,” the aerial and melancholy title track from her debut album.

“This is probably my favourite track and video I’ve ever released,” explained Mackey. “The song wrote itself really quickly; it felt like I was chasing it. It’s based around a phone conversation with someone I was trying to get over, someone who was in a different place to me both mentally and physically. The title ‘Is It Light Where You Are’ has a double meaning: obviously time zones, but also, my world felt quite dark to me at that point and I was trying to make it light.”

Art School Girlfriend artist will also tour the UK after the release of the record, and she’ll be supported by Julia-Sophie on some of the gigs.