Olga Bell – Randomness

Serious people of the world, it’s time to put on your dancing shoes and get loose. It’s Olga Bell who advices you to. The restless Brooklynite, born in Moscow like geniuses Dostoevsky and t.A.T.u but raised in Alaska, is back with a new album tailored specifically for the body. Inspired by classic documentary “Paris Is Burning” and beat-driven ’90s music, “TEMPO” is going to be a physical record, an exploration of high speed, low pace, everything in between and the way they feel inside and outside. The first single is titled “Randomness” and you can hear it below.

Cross Record – Lemon


Our favourite Texas-based husband-and-wife duo Cross Record came out with one of the best albums we’ve heard since 2016 started. “Wabi-Sabi” is minimalist post-rock, an eerie record that manages to pack a punch in a tiny sonic space. New single “Lemon” is no exception.

Lido Pimienta – Agua (Los Cabellos de tu Madre)


She comes from one of the most fertile nations on earth, a green place where life cross-pollinates in every direction, and it shows. Toronto-based Colombian musician Lido Pimienta is not the kind of artist you can describe through simple categories. She operates at the surprising intersection between electronica and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, which she melts and reshapes in gorgeous blurry-bordered hybrids. “Agua”, the first single off her long-awaited sophomore album “La Papessa”, is one of those experiments.

Bat For Lashes – In God’s House (Video)

Rejoice: everybody’s favourite enchantress Bat For Lashes is finally back. But tremble: she’s back as a grieving bride. Natasha Khan‘s fourth album, “The Bride”, follows the solitary honeymoon of a woman whose fiancé has died on his way to their wedding. The gorgeous, thundering first single “In God’s House” is the starting point of this story of love and loss.

Kelly Lee Owens – 1 of 3

Kate Bush would be proud. London-based producer Kelly Lee Owens can definitely count herself in the number of visionary transformative women who have crafted whole worlds for themselves through music. Kelly’s is stark but delicate and full of transparencies as it was made of sturdy gossamer and moves in the wide spectrum between hard-edged techno and eerie pop. “1 of 3”, taken from her upcoming debut album, is here to testify that.

Kristin Kontrol – X-Communicate

Anyone whose life has been changed by the pop heroines of the ’80s, this song is for you. Kristin Welchez, who’s best known as Dee Dee of Dum Dum Girls, is one of us and ready to pay her tribute. Shed the serious black habit of rock band leader, she has morphed into the shinier Kristin Kontrol.

TEEN – Free Time (Video)


Good morning, people. What’s today’s secret word? Today secret word is TEEN! You all remember what to do whenever anyone says the secret word, right? Well, you’re supposed to scream it out loud but this time just wait to listen to “Free Time”, the new song from TEEN‘s imminent and promising “Love Yes”.

Prince Rama – Your Life In The End


Remember Prince Rama‘s vision of a muscular energetic 2067 in which museums are sponsored by soft drinks, art merges with extreme sports and the stance on pop music is funky, alien and strangely retro? Well, here’s another song to visit the future with and explore further the death-defying dimension of their forthcoming album “Xtreme Now”: it’s “Your Life in the End”.