TEEN – Free Time (Video)


Good morning, people. What’s today’s secret word? Today secret word is TEEN! You all remember what to do whenever anyone says the secret word, right? Well, you’re supposed to scream it out loud but this time just wait to listen to “Free Time”, the new song from TEEN‘s imminent and promising “Love Yes”.


“Free Time” continues from where its sister singles had left off: ’80s R&B galore, exquisite, Prince-like and jubilant, but with a more serious lyrical core. It’s girl group music with a tremendous crave for confrontation, sparkly but with no time for bullshit. Little cosmic keyboards, vocal harmonies that frame Teeny Lieberson’s supple voice, hooks and la la la’s, this slice of joyful pop goes hard without losing an inch of its playfulness. Kind of like the Del Rubio Triplets cameos on everybody’s favorite TV show “Pee Wee Playhouse” but with shimmery synths instead of guitars.

The video for “Free Time” was directed by Becca Kaufman, who is perhaps more known as a member of Brooklyn music collective Ava Luna. In its VHS glory, it’s a nod to the perfomances lo-fi legend R. Stevie Moore gave on New York public access television and the interpretative dances of the zodiac that accompanied Sid Harvey Fisher’s “Astrology Songs“. It’s all very ’80s. The director herself can be seen dancing in the video, while the band rocks co-ordinated red outfits.

“Love Yes” is out on February 19th via Carpark Records. Check previous singles “All About Us”, “Tokyo” and “Please.

Bonus :
“All About Us”:

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