j.normal burn

j.normal – burn

For some time, j.normal has been steadily infiltrating the scene with her frenetic and synth-infused tracks. “Burn” is her newest track to be released from her upcoming EP set to be released later this year.


Oscuro – All in my Mind

Yes, Oscuro is one of the hottest tipped producers and it is easy to see why. He has many waiting almost in delirium for his new album, due for release later this year. “All in my Mind” is the first track taken from the album (of the same title) and if the whole album is of this standard, delirium will take over.

Skotia – Mary Jane (feat Ariella Fett)

skotia mary jane ariella fett

Take a tender voice, add an atmospheric beat, turn up the reverb and serve with a delicious drop. Here you have Skotia, with his track “Mary Jane” which also features Ariella Fett!

Motel Radio – Phasing Out

Motel Radio Phasing Out

Motel Radio released their second EP “Desert Surf Films” this month, via Roll Call Records, which secretes sunny vibes. The six songs possess a warm and intriguing feel with a unique experimental twist. The whole EP will have your feet and fingers tapping relentlessly. One stand out song amongst the six is “Phasing Out” which is smooth and jovial until the end.

Odina – You Loved Me, You Killed Me

odina broken

There’s a feeling that resonates through your body when you listen to a voice that is almost too pure and so fine it falls between your fingers. It is a feeling that snakes its way down your body from head to toe, shaking your spine and commanding your hairs to stand on edge. Odina stimulates that feeling.

Nuit Ocean – Falling Night

NUIT OCEAN - Falling Night

Drifting away slowly on a rickety, handmade raft into the middle of the dark ocean is what you will feel when you shut your eyes and listen to this track from Nuit Ocean. “Falling Night” is the new one from Nuit Ocean and it is mesmerizing yet somehow daunting. It embraces you warmly but maintains a sinister streak throughout.

Lull – Cursed

If you want to feel lulled but cursed at the same time then this is the track for you! Lull manage to caress you softly with their new track ‘Cursed’ whilst simultaneously throwing an evil spell over you with their high pitched eerie chorus and sometimes unsettling riffs.

Goldsmoke – All Falls Down + Cold Call Lover

Sultry. Sexy and sublime. Goldsmoke’s single ‘All Falls Down’ is smooth and sassy and will have you melting in no time. The D’angelo styled track is topped with a soothing soulful voice which carries you along for the 3 minutes with ease and caresses your ears at the same time.