Awir Leon shared mesmerizing video for “Maybe We Land”

To celebrate the release of his debut album “Giants” out last Friday, Awir Leon shared the video for the track “Maybe We Land” where the electronic sounds marry perfectly the mesmerizing dancers in Tel Aviv.

Directed by Ian Robinson with a camera on a skateboard who follows some dancing silhouettes, we are completely captivated by the set, creating a heavy atmosphere about losing feet in a hard situation.

Awir Leon explains on how moving from Amsterdam to Paris inspired the track:

I didn’t want to care about landing, I only wanted to break that balance and see what comes from it. I still do it today, only difference is I open my eyes a bit more.

About his collaboration with Ian Robinson, he says:

Ian has an original approach, and knows how to translate the sensations of dancing, which is important for me. I wanted this feeling of rush and I love what came from it.

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