Ayelle deals with an ending relationship in “Boy”

The young artist Ayelle teams up with Sevdaliza’s producer Mucky in “Boy”, a heartbreking lullaby about the end of a love story.

After working on the latest album “ISON” by the rising Dutch-Iranian star, Mucky shared his skills with the promising artist. Swinging between electronic beats and downtempo sadness, “Boy” is the anthem for all of the broken hearts. The twist is that she doesn’t look at that relationship with nostalgia. She decides is time to let go and love herself again, as she sings: “That boy don’t love me no more, so I’ve had to love myself, but somehow, I’m doing okay”. About the track, Ayelle explains:

Growing up, girls are bombarded with fairytales about women whose lives and happiness depend upon men. This message goes quite deep and can sometimes make us look for fulfilment everywhere else but in ourselves. I wrote this track about coming to the realisation that I had to love myself after coming out of a relationship that was all-consuming.

Ayelle‘s “Boy” is out now via Majestic Casual. You can follow her over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Matias Calderon

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