B O K E H keeps her “Options” open on empowering latest single

Berlin-based artist B O K E H turns heartbreak into empowerment on dancefloor-ready pop track “Options”.

B O K E H is the musical project of New Zealand-raised Chloë Lewer, and she has dedicated it “to anyone who has ever felt repressed due to their true desires, gender or sexuality.” Her latest single, “Options,” is a love letter to this very group made in collaboration with her own video production company, Ramona Ramona.

The video for “Options” follows a dancer walking down the street, clearly uncomfortable, until they enter an empty dance studio and pour their heart out through the movement of modern dance to the beat of the song. The track itself begins with the zooming sounds of delay and reverse effects, like footsteps of a bird’s wings, that build and culminate in a beat drop of synths and 80s-inspired rhythm. Lewer’s crystalline vocals come in shortly after, layering over the track as the drum machine picks up speed. The track slows down to a simple synth chord progression to allow the weight of the chorus’s message to linger:

Well, lucky I got my options open / No more words, just keep on walkin’ / Well, fuck you, I got my options open

Then, it explodes. Lewer’s voice glides over an intense field of synths and an uptempo rhythm. At this point in the video, our dancer motions as if their heart is about to burst before a sudden expression of deep emotion: frustration, love, a desire to be seen.

About the lyrics, B O K E H told us:

“Options” is a song about being held back from one’s own potential – the sort of repression that embodies certain relationships and the relationship with one’s own thouself-judgementjudgement. It’s about taking responsibility and ownership of one’s own actions, choices and ultimately, freedom.

Watch the video and listen to the track below.

Erin Bensinger

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