Bad Tiger pen cheerful ode to love and self doubt in upbeat cut “Like This”

San Francisco based four piece Bad Tiger release tender ode to pure love in the shape of uplifting track “Like This”.

Following on from their debut album The Goat and the Bad Tiger back in 2020 and delightful 2022 EP Sanctuary, four piece Bad Tiger are back with their brand of dreamy indie pop on latest single “Like This”.

Originally formed in 2018 after frontwoman Yasi Lowy moved to San Francisco with the intention of starting a band following a hiatus from her solo career, Bad Tiger have carved themselves an honest and vulnerable corner, playing sweet indie pop that is both upbeat and frank.

Sitting at just over two minutes, their latest offering “Like This” is a gorgeously vulnerable track that acts as a dedication to insecurities and self doubt when faced with the rare form of pure love. Over a simple guitar riff and stoic drums, Lowy sings of the comfort that a healthy, happy relationship can bring, weighed alongside creeping self doubt.

The repeated refrain of “I’d never been loved like this before” is equal parts devastating and heartwarming, both healing and broken in its simplicity.

The accompanying video echoes this sentiment, showing vignettes of domesticity; dancing in kitchens, conversations in bed in the dim light and generally goofing around with the person you love. The visuals highlight both the joy and the sadness of the lyrics, the juxtaposition of self doubt when acting as the recipient of a glorious love.

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