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BANKS is back. After the release of her debut album last year, the American singer and songwriter is ready for a new era with her song “Better”.

Often mentioned as the female The Weeknd, BANKS managed to get quite known between 2013 and 2015. For a year and a half, she has been teasing, posting songs of “Goddess”, the debut album she released via Harvest Records in September 2014.
Jillian Banks will mesmerize you with her dark R&B, sometimes with some trip hop or alternative vibes.

In “Better”, BANKS is covered in a sort of gold skin. The song starts quietly with her groans, then it grows very slowly to give a very quiet but powerful song.
Most of the video plays with the shadows, and the body.
“I can love you better than she can…”

More recently in 2015, BANKS collaborated with her longtime friend Chet Faker on a remix of his song “1998”, BANKS added her magical universe to the song to make it even better than it already was. Listen to it here.
She also worked with the Londoner producer TALA on the song “Wolfpack

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