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Last august, I introduced you to a French artist called Bizar. He caught our attention with his two singles “Daylight” and “Something Real”, so we named him “Newcomer of the Week” back then. We knew that he had an EP on the way … So here it is! “Greatest Hit I” is finally here, including 3 news songs “Les Foules”, “Burning Man” and “R.O.W” but also his two previous releases.

Bizar impressed us once again with his debut EP, as he has the talent to insert some pop beats and groove this his songs that make you feel like you’re enjoying a Caipirinha on holidays. We completely had this feeling on “Something Real” while “Daylight” was more like a summer daydream and in his new single “Les Foules”, you’ll still find this great fresh vacation vibe. On the other side “Burning Man” and “R.O.W” are two touching ballads where Bizar exposes himself to something less joyful but still as beautiful.
I had the chance to ask him a few questions about the process of the EP , his new single and also his expectations.

HighClouds: What inspired you to create « Greatest Hits I »?
Nothing especially, I just really wanted to make music.

Where does the title come from and why?
I find it hilarious. Because it’s neither the greatest nor hits. My selling expectations are about 50 digital copies. So it’s ironic. And I didn’t find better too…

Do you feel you evolved between your two first singles and now? Did it affect the other songs in the EP?
Not really, even if « Les Foules » was made a bit later it’s still the same period to me. What changed is that I learnt a lot with my two friends who helped me on the production. I think you’ll see a real evolution for the next EP. Hopefully, there will be a wider spectre of genres and languages.

Why did you choose « Les foules » as the single to « introduce » us to the EP?
With my marketing team and my associates, we thought it was a good choice to sing in french. The last two songs that weren’t on soundcloud were a bit too ‘suave’ to be a single too.

Can you explain the video of your new single?
I didn’t put a lot of philosophical thoughts into it. I think it says you can have a face covered by a yellow hat, it doesn’t matter for true friends. You can leave crowds, « les foules », if you find crazy ones, « les fous », to be with

What are your expectations for « Greatest Hits I »?
I expect to do as good as Prince the day I released the EP. No sincerely, I’d like it to be a starter to play live and release other stuffs.

Listen to “Greatest Hits I” on Spotify and buy the EP on Itunes.

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