Braids – Companion (Video)

Braids Companion EP

I probably have listened to Braids‘ latest album a hundred times. It was honestly one of the best albums of 2015. The trio decided to unveil a new EP called “Companion” made of 4 songs that were composed during their writing of “Deep In The Iris” but were left unfinished. The EP is due to be released on May 20th, but get a foretaste with the spacious video of “Companion”, the title track of the EP.

Kevan Funk, who directed the video, managed to bring a harmonious atmosphere to complete the song as he perfectly caught the vast universe of it and recorded a beautiful video that is a breath of fresh air and is as beautiful as the place where it was shot as it was shot in the Palm Desert of California.

I don’t remember losing you / Early in Spring that year

Raphaelle Standell-Preston sings about a love she lost in spite of her and she represents in the video all of the solitude and emptiness it left inside of her. Her loss changed her, to transform her in a sad and depress version of herself, which she shows in the video and sings to herself.

I don’t remember the last time I saw you / But your hair was long and blond

“For one reason or another, these songs were left unfinished. At the time they felt separate to the songs that made up DITI – strong in their own right, but left as unknowns to a larger compositional work.” – Braids

Companion Tracklist:
1.Companion 4:36
2.Joni 3:25
3.Trophies For Paradox 2:56
4.Sweet World 7:05

Pre-order the Digital EP here or buy the CD/Vinyl here, set to be released on May 20th.

In case you missed it, the band did a playlist for us a few month ago. Listen to it below.

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