Baseball Gregg share lo-fi jammer “Decade Ender”

Baseball Gregg‘s new single, “Decade Ender,” is out now.

Baseball Gregg, the indie-pop duo from Stockton, California by way of Italy, has delighted us the whole year with Calendar, a project that saw the two artists Luca and Sam releasing a new track at the end of each month. The collection notably features the highlights “Hong Kong Hike” and “The Movies,” a collaboration with Pecas and William Corduroy that we featured amongst our favourite tracks of 2019.

They’re now back with a little disgression to their year-long project to celebrate the holiday break and the end of the decade. Described as “a little Swedish-influenced dirty pop jammer,” “Decade Ender” is an upbeat and infectious track; the kind of lo-fi you need to survive the mad Christmas rush.

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